Ultrahigh pressure micro jet homogenizer
Laboratory-specific (for: pharmaceutical, biological, food, chemical, cosmetics ... and other industries) technical performance
★ Work pressure 0 ~ 3000bar (300MPa)
★ Work flow 10L / h
★ minimum treatment capacity: 50ml
★ maximum feed diameter ≤ 500um
★ maximum feed viscosity ≤ 2000cp
★ the maximum working temperature ≤ 90 ℃
★ temperature control 4 ~ 10 ° C
★ pump body for the overall design, easy to disassemble, easy to clean
★ machine design for the GMP, can be online SIP / CIP operation
★ with ultra-high pressure design, the pressure up to 3500bar / 507500psi
★ homogeneous valve design, 100% diamond, hardness, wear-resistant valve components
★ high-precision digital display pressure, accurate to 1 bar
★ can be adjusted according to the pressure of production, do not consume material
★ online emptying, the internal can reach zero residue
★ Power-side configuration of high-power motor to ensure stable operation next high pressure
★ special feeding valve design, no exhaust, can be directly feed
★ any high pressure, can be suspended, shut down, without repeated pressure relief, boot can work directly
★ material residue is zero, especially for raw materials expensive pharmaceutical research and development
★ machine has a patent intellectual property protection
★ through the EU CE mechanical safety certification
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