TTDF International Group Co., Ltd. is a professional high-pressure homogenizer suppliers and service providers, engaged in high-pressure homogenizer sales and after-sales service work. Has now established a professional technical sales team. To ensure that users get the best quality pre-sale, sales and after-sales service.

My company has worked with international well-known homogenizer manufacturers, Italy Nilu GEA-Niro company, Germany APV company, Canada ATS Industrial System Co., Ltd., Canada AVESTIN (Ovidines), the United States Microtrac (Maichi) The In the "because of professional, so the authority" of the operating style, determined to enter the spirit of innovation, customer-oriented service awareness, we won the majority of users trust and support. We rely on scientific and technological strength, market-oriented, the introduction of new products, better for our customers to provide satisfactory services.

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