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The Development Trend of Homogenizer
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Modern life more and more concerned about the health of the Road, such as diet health, such as beauty, then how to change the taste and color of food, how to make beauty products with the benefit of it? Homogeneous machine appears to solve these problems. The concept of homogenization begins with the production of a specially designed valve that produces high pressure so that the droplets in the liquid are evenly decomposed into small particles. Homogenizer is suitable for homogeneous emulsification of liquid materials with viscosity less than 0.2Pa.s and temperature below 80 ℃. It is mainly used in food and chemical industry, such as food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. No contamination, no sterilization, fast and accurate, reproducible. Homogenizer applications are as follows: 1, food and beverage industry: cream, soymilk, peanut milk, all kinds of pulp drinks, ice cream, health nutrition liquid, food additives, all kinds of condiments. 2, the cosmetics industry: detergent, conditioner, body lotion, perfume and so on. 3, the chemical industry: paint coatings, emulsifiers, disinfectants, rubber pulp, resin, such as fragrance. 4, the pharmaceutical industry: antibiotics, antacids, intravenous emulsion. 5, bio-engineering technology: extraction of cell inclusions, such as enzymes, prions and so on. With the extensive application of homogenizer, the future development is mainly based on the actual application requirements and the development of science and technology. China's homogenization machine products started late, compared with the international advanced level behind dozens of ideas, in the choice of materials, processing accuracy, service life, application areas and energy consumption and so there is a distance. China's homogenization machine industry market prospects, and actively develop homogeneous machine industry responsibility. Today, the demand for food and beverage is increasing, and small-scale equipment can not meet the needs of large-scale production. As a result, the demand for large-scale homogeneous equipment, the production quality is good, the performance is stable and the energy consumption is small. Equipment has become a target. In addition, bio-engineering, nanotechnology as a new industry in the 21st century has developed by leaps and bounds, dozens of megapo pressure homogenizer can not meet the needs of the production of 100 to 150 MPa ultra-high pressure homogenizer is also a future direction The

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