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Performance Characteristics of High Pressure Nano Homogenizer
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High-pressure nano-homogenizer can make the suspension state of the material next the action of ultra-high pressure, high-speed flow through a special internal structure of the cavity, the material physical, chemical, structural properties and a series of changes, and ultimately achieve homogeneous effect The The following is a brief introduction to the use of high-pressure homogenizer in the production of life. Homogeneous principle of high-pressure nano-homogenizer: the use of hydraulic power generated by the ultra-high pressure energy to the material through the slit instant release, in the shear effect, hole effect, the impact of the effect of the material to achieve homogeneous, dispersed, emulsified Effect, and maintain a certain stability. The whole process can be 4 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ in the circulating water bath to meet the special requirements of various materials, while ensuring homogeneous effect. High-pressure nano-homogenizer performance characteristics: 1. The world's only sample homogeneous whole process in 4 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ water bath to meet the various materials homogeneous process temperature requirements, Reduce the homogenization process and effectively improve the material homogenization effect. (Optional cooling / heating cycle system) 2. Homogeneous pressure 0 ~ 207Mpa any adjustable to meet the needs of nano-pharmaceutical customers. 3. Key components imported from Germany, long service life 4. The host uses hydraulic power, high pressure state can be any downtime, start, pause, pressure remains unchanged 5. Advanced new non-polluting materials meet the requirements of food and medicine 6. Original flushing system and imported mirror polished 316L stainless steel pipe to prevent sample residue 7. Can be cleaned or sterilized in place 8. Automatic injection, continuous work 9. High strength stainless steel ultra high pressure pump 10. The use of physical homogenization method, no chemical residues 11. Metal seal-based, without rubber seal accessories 12. Simple operation, maintenance services more convenient, cost-effective
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