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Application of High Pressure Homogenizer
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High-pressure homogenizer in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries homogeneous technology has become the key to improving product quality. The traditional homogenization equipment used in the food industry is a high-pressure homogenizer, a colloid mill, a sand mill and a roll mill. In recent years, a new type of high shear homogenizer has been developed. As for the use of these homogeneous equipment in various industries. Science continues to develop, technology is constantly updated, the use of homogeneous machine is also more and more widely, while the requirements of the homogenizer is also progressing. Only through continuous research and development, positive innovation, in order to let the homogenizer continue to meet people's requirements. The working principle of high shear homogenizer The high shear homogenizer structure consists of stator and rotor. The stator is a combination of several kinds of ring gear, the role of the principle of high-speed rotation of the rotor to produce a large centrifugal force, while the exotic speed changes, so that the material by the sharp shear, compression and stretching after the effective dispersion , Mixed, homogeneous, emulsified. Application areas: 1, food and beverage industry: cream, soymilk, peanut milk, all kinds of pulp drinks, ice cream, health nutrition liquid, food additives, all kinds of condiments. 2, the cosmetics industry: detergent, conditioner, body lotion, perfume and so on. 3, the chemical industry: paint coatings, emulsifiers, disinfectants, rubber pulp, resin, such as fragrance. 4, the pharmaceutical industry: antibiotics, antacids, intravenous emulsion. 5, bio-engineering technology: extraction of cell inclusions, such as enzymes, prions and so on. Homogenizer is mainly used in food and chemical industry, such as food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other industries, its homogeneous soft, no pollution samples, without sterilization, fast and correct, good repeatability.
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