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Production of high pressure homogenizer
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Production Type TTDF High Pressure Homogenizer Product Process Viscosity: <500 cPs Maximum Feed Particle Size: <100 microns Homogeneous Series: Class 2 Class 1 Homogeneous Pressure: Max 1000bar Level: Sanitary Mechanical Components Lubrication: Oil Bath Internal Cooling : The fan can be customized according to the customer's specific flow, pressure, and the different samples handled. Production type TTDF high pressure homogenizer detailed information: Model 400bar 600bar 800bar 1000bar AH08-100 350L / h 240L / h 160L / h 120L / h AH18-100 1200L / h 400L / h 320L / h 250L / h AH37-100 3000L / H 2100L / h 1200L / h 800L / h unique design: flow control: through low-speed start, reduce the impact of the start of the device, as if the car can not start to 100 yards to the same speed. Had occurred in the boot before the impact is too large, homogeneous valve broken problem. Automatic breakage protection: the material imported to install the sensor, in the absence of material into the feed pressure is too high automatically disconnect the pressure. Large flow of equipment for the feeding requirements are very strict, once the feed is unstable, often resulting in serious equipment failure. Temperature control: in the homogeneous module on the temperature control of the pipeline, according to customer requirements for temperature control
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