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High pressure homogenizer product advantages
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Relative to the centrifugal dispersion of emulsified equipment (such as colloid mill, shear high mixing emulsifier, etc.) high pressure homogenizer has the following characteristics: 1, the role of refinement is more intense. This is because the working valve between the valve core and the valve seat in the initial position is closely fit, but only in the work of the material forced out of a slit; and centrifugal emulsification equipment between the stator to meet the high-speed Rotation and does not produce too much heat, there must be a large gap (relative to the homogeneous valve); the same time, because the homogenizer transmission mechanism is the volume reciprocating pump, so theoretically, the higher the pressure, The better the effect of the better. 2, the homogenization of the role of the main material is the use of the interaction between the material, so the material heat less, and thus can maintain the basic performance of the material unchanged. 3, homogeneous function quantitative delivery of materials, because it relies on reciprocating pumping. 4, homogeneous machine energy consumption. 5, homogeneous machine fragile, maintenance workload is greater, especially in the case of high pressure. 6, homogenizer is not suitable for high viscosity material situation.
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