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High pressure homogenizer in detail
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High-pressure homogenizer is a liquid material homogeneous refinement and high-pressure delivery of special equipment. The equipment is widely used in food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals and biotechnology and other fields of production, research and technology development. As a high-pressure homogenizer use: can make the material in the crowded research, strong impact in the loss of pressure next the triple effect of the material to refine the mixture, the equipment is food, dairy, beverage industry, an important processing equipment. Milk, soy milk and other dairy liquid material, next high pressure homogenization, can make dairy liquid in the fat ball significantly refined, so that its products easily digestible and absorbed after consumption, improve food value. For the production of ice cream and other products, can improve the cleanliness of liquid and loose, so that the inherent texture was significantly improved. For the emulsion, glue, fruit juice, slurry and other production, can play to prevent or reduce the liquid layer of material to improve the appearance of the role of liquid to make it more vivid color, fragrance thicker, more alcohol taste.
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